PV Solutions

  • Hybrid system/Fuel Saver

    A hybrid system is a combination of two energy sources such as Solar PV and Diesel. This system reduces diesel consumption up to 70%.

  • IPP

    Solera is an “Independent Power Producer” which presents facilities to generate electricity for sale with unconditional discount over government electricity rates.

  • Mini Grids

    A solar mini-grid is the right solution for high energy needs. Learn more about investing in solar energy off-grid systems. Contact us for a free consultation.

  • On grid Systems

    You can now utilize the roof of your home/factory to install solar panels and use the Feed-In-Tariff program that the government now provides.

  • Solar Back-Up System

    In case of electricity cut-off, Solera offers you a solar back-up system for emergencies in hospitals, schools and residential houses.

  • Solar Water Pumping

    Reduce your diesel bill by implmenting a Solar Water Pump. Request a free consultation by sending details of your pump.