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When to use forced circulation systems?

Forced circulation systems or central systems are most suitable for large commercial installations with central water heating systems. Forced circulation systems can be integrated to any existing infrastructure and act as a preheating system. In this configuration, water is first heated through the solar panel leveraging the free energy from the sun. The water then flows through the exiting heating system which continues to heat the water until the target temperature is reached. Using the preheating system, one can save 70-80% of the running energy cost of the water heating system

Features of forced circulation systems:

  • Leverages the most efficient auxiliary energy source
  • Allows for water circulation design reducing wasted water
  • Easy to maintain


Savings Calculator

  • SF (city)
  • Electricity rate (bill)
  • Consumption/person (kwh)
  • Number of persons

System description

Each forced circulation system requires a unique design, however systems are typically composed of the following components

Closed loop solar collectors
Buffer tanks
External heat exchangers
Expansion vessels
Pumping systems
Anti corrosion heating fluid
Mounting frames
Control system