Thermal solutions

Pool Heating Solutions

Select one of our three pool heating solutions

  Pre-heating solution Heat pump solution Hybrid solution
System Unglazed solar collectors as a preheater to existing diesel systems High efficiency pool heat pump system Unglazed solar collectors as a preheater to heat pump systems
Suitable for Existing pools heated with a diesel system New developments & unheated pools New developments & unheated pools
Running costs Reduces diesel consumption by up to 30% Cost efficient running costs compared to diesel heating systems Lowest running energy costs compared to diesel and electric heating systems
Space requirements Requires a roof or garden space equivalent to the surface area of the pool Limited roof or garden space Medium roof or garden space

About unglazed solar collectors

Unglazed solar collectors are the most cost efficient energy source to heat your pool. Unglazed solar collectors can only serve a fraction of the total energy requirements of a heated pool and must work alongside an auxiliary heating system such as natural gas, diesel, electric or heat-pump system. Unglazed collectors act as a pre-heating system and reduce the energy requirement of a pool by up to 40%. 

How does it work?

  1. Set your desired water temperature and a sensor determines the most efficient run time

  2. Your pool pump sends cold water from the pool through the solar collectors

  3. The polymer solar collectors heat the water as it is channeled through the collector array

  4. Luxuriously warm, solar heated water flows back into your pool

About heat-pump systems

Our highly efficient pool heat pumps come with a coefficient of performance greater than 6. This means that heat-pumps are much more efficient compared to diesel and electric heating systems. Heat pumps are environmentally friendly as they transfer the heat from the atmosphere to your pool

How does it work?

  1. Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from the air to your swimming pool

  2. Air is drawn into the heat pump and heats the Freon to convert it to Feron gas

  3. Hot Freon gas passes through a condenser, which is where the swimming pool water enters

  4. The heat exchanger heats the swimming pool water and hot water is flowed out back to the pool