Low price and Hassle-Free

Install an IPP system and buy Electricity with 10% discount for 25 years. Unconditional discount over government electricity rate.

Smart Energy

Did you know-
The sun offers more energy in four hours
than the human race uses in a whole year

Green energy solutions
for your households

Did you know-

Installing a solar water heater would reduce

the household's greenhouse gas emissions by 25%

Large Scale
Commercial Installations

Did you know-
With solar water heating systems, you could

save up to 80% of your water heating energy bill


Installed 1,800 m2 of solar thermal collectors


Saved 1,317 tonnes of CO2 per year

Our Solutions

PV solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Solar water Pumping systems
  • Off grid/ Hybrid system
  • Grid tied systems

Thermal Solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Solar Water Heating
  • Industrial Process Heat
  • Pool Heating

Did You Know

Call Solera and start heating your pool from today to enjoy a comfortable swim.   For more information about Solera's smart solutions, please call: 0112-0000-484.