Low price and Hassle-Free IPP Solution

Install an IPP solution and purchase Electricity with a discount over the government price for 25 years.

Smart Energy

Did you know-
The sun offers more energy in four hours
than the human race uses in a whole year

Green energy solutions
for your households

Did you know-

Installing a solar water heater would reduce

the household's greenhouse gas emissions by 25%

Large Scale
Commercial Installations

Did you know-
With solar water heating systems, you could

save up to 80% of your water heating energy bill


Installed 1,800 m2 of solar thermal collectors


Saved 1,317 tonnes of CO2 per year

Our Solutions

PV solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Solar water Pumping systems
  • Off grid/ Hybrid system
  • Grid tied systems

Thermal Solutions

Our solutions include:

  • Solar Water Heating
  • Industrial Process Heat
  • Pool Heating

Did You Know

Fuel Saver is the perfect solution for sites that already have diesel generators and want to add solar energy to decrease operation expenditure. This solution can save up to 60% of the day fuel consumption.